Blender Conference 2013 – part 1

Blender conference 2013 is over and I thought, that I could point out some talks I found very interesting. I haven’t seen them all, so You can expect another post like this very soon. Enjoy

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This is holographic robot (holobot). I made this for a project I’m working on. In a couple of days I’ll post presentation video which will contain clay render, wireframe and full render. Maybe I’ll put some texture on it, but this version (clean) is actually better for its purpose.

Click to view full size image

All made in Blender and rendered with Cycles.

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The Last of Us – Character modeling and rigging

The Last of Us is most recent Playstation 3 exclusive game. Since I don’t own a Playstation 3 I couldn’t play this game. However, I have seen walkthrough on youtube and I have to admit, this is one of the best games of last decade. But in this post I’m not going to talk about the game itself. I just want to share with you a video that I came across. In the video Judd Simantov explains the different processes they (Naughty Dog) used while working on characters of The Last of Us. There are some pretty interesting stuff. Enjoy.

PS: I’m planning to write full post about The Last of Us.

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Blender – Gear Tutorial

I think that will be best to start with something easier. So here is totorial on modelling gears in Blender.

There is a lot of tutorials like that. However, my tutorial is focused on something different. In this tutorial you’ll learn how to make gears of different sizes that fits together perfectly.

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Okay. I’m back. I feel kind of silly writing this post, because I know that nobody is reading this siteĀ  (yet). Anyway, the biggest change on my site (blog or whatever this is) is language which I chose. Despite the fact, that I live in Czech Republic, i chose to write in english. The reason is simple. I think that the target group of readers of this site is outside of Czech Republic. Therefore i chose to write in English. That said i have to warn you. I’m able to speak in english quite well, but write in english is whole different story. So pardon me, if I’ll be making some grammar mistakes. Feel free to correct me if you’ll see some big mistakes. You can write it in to comments or send me an email.

So, what I’m going to write about? A lot of the articles will be quite technical. Programming, web development, 3d graphics, … However, I decided that I should make this site more personal. So you can look forward to some reviews (movies, tv series, games, books) or my personal opinions on different things.

The site is still under development but that doesn’t stop me from posting some articles. Maybe I’ll translate some of my older articles.

PS: I’m pretty sure that I’m writing commas wrong. In Czech there are completely different rules for writing commas. So please, bear with me.

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