Quick recommendation #1 – Two Minute Papers

If you are reading this website, I assume you are interested in similar topics as I am. This also means, that you would probably like to know, what learning resources I use, where do I get a certain type of information or where do I get inspiration for my posts and projects. And that’s why I decided to create a new series focused primarily on recommendations of websites, articles, and videos. I’m going to start with quite a scientific one, but don’t worry, the presentation is done in a very digestible way.

Two Minute Papers is a brilliant Youtube channel done by Károly Zsolnai-Fehér. As the name suggests It is about presenting scientific papers in two minutes (sometimes a little bit more). All the videos are very nicely edited with amazing commentary from Károly. It’s exactly this kind of enthusiasm from him, that makes you want to explore those papers further. The channel is a great source of information, but it can also be an inspiration for future projects.

Here are few videos from the Two Minute Papers just to get you interested:

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