Summer UE4 GameJam

Last week I participated in Summer UE4 GameJam. Originally I didn’t plan to do anything, but on Friday I got some ideas and started to work on a prototype. During the weekend I realized, that it could actually be a pretty cool game, so I decided to finish it. Obviously, as with every jam, you never manage to finish it. So there are bugs, the gameplay isn’t done and level design needs some work. Despite all that, it was an amazing experience and I learned few new tricks along the way. I was planning to write a post about my process and techniques I used, but since it’s a game jam entry, all the blueprints are a complete mess. However, I plan to revisit some of the stuff I made in this game jam (like the blob physics) and I’ll probably write a separate post about that.

This was my 7th GameJam and a little over two years since my first GameJam. If you want to play my game, you can find it here (download link and instructions).

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